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FF201: The Power of Collaboration and Networking with Colleen Biggs

In this episode, Colleen Biggs, founder of the Leap Community, joins us to chat about the power of collaboration and networking. She emphasizes the importance of visibility and referrals in growing net worth. Building social capital and cultivating relationships will open doors for opportunities and referrals.

Highlights From This Episode:

·      Importance of visibility and collaboration in business.

·      Building social capital and creating a supportive circle.

·      Being present and building personal relationships in business.

·      Attracting and connecting with like-minded people.

·      Your network impacts your net worth.


Links & Resources From This Episode:

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FF200: Celebrating The 200th Show with Michelle Abraham

Michelle Abraham, a visionary leader and podcasting expert, is here to share her incredible journey and insights with us.

In this special episode, Michelle opens up about her entrepreneurial ventures and the pivotal role podcasting played in her success. She reflects on her own transformation as a new mother, finding solace and inspiration through podcasts and ultimately launching her own consulting company, Amplify You.

Throughout the episode, Michelle shares personal anecdotes, highlights the power of collaborations and relationships, and offers valuable advice for entrepreneurs on finding alignment and celebrating their achievements. She also takes a moment to express her gratitude to our listeners and our very own Val Low, who has been a guiding light and inspiration in her own podcasting journey.

So, get ready to be inspired and motivated as we dive into Michelle Abraham’s extraordinary story and discover the immense power of podcasting. Let’s jump right in!

The Power of Collaboration:

Follow Your Passion

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The benefits of consistency and commitment in achieving 200 episodes.
  • Importance of having a clear plan and celebrating achievements.
  • Growth of Amplify You and success in launching almost 400 podcasts.
  • View of podcasting as a massive opportunity.
  • Collaboration leading to significant growth and new business ideas.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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FF199: Financial Wellness with Kyra Jones

In this episode, Kyra Jones of Financial Intervention Academy, shares insights on financial coaching and corporate financial wellness. Kyra Jones is a passionate advocate for financial education who found her calling in debt collections. Kyra dedicates her time and energy to empowering others with financial literacy and ensuring their financial well-being.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The growing demand for financial wellness as an employee benefit.
  • Overcoming obstacles and rebuilding after setbacks.
  • The importance of having a clear spending plan and prioritizing spending.
  • Kyra’s experience with stolen equipment and financial difficulties.
  • The concept of ‘Profit First’ and allocating income for personal finance and business.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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FF198: Clarify Your Growth Strategies with Divian Mistry

In this episode, Divian Mistry, the founder of Headache Free Websites, shares the importance of customization and recognizing that different businesses have different strengths and preferred methods of lead generation. Divian introduces the concept of a “foot in the door” offer that provides a no-brainer purchase that brings results and helps understand the client’s challenges.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Recognize that different businesses have different strengths and preferred methods of lead generation.
  • A ‘Foot in the Door Offer’ provides a no-brainer purchase that brings results and helps understand the client’s challenges.
  • The importance of actionable content that can be implemented immediately.
  • Buyers in this space appreciate stories that provide value and uplift them. 
  • Balance stories and actionable content to cater to different types of buyers.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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FF197: From Nursing to Entrepreneurship with Tina Baxter

In this episode, Tina Baxter, a teacher turned nurse and businesswoman, shares her journey from struggling with math to becoming a successful legal nurse consultant and CEO. She emphasizes the connection between nursing and entrepreneurialism and how nurses possess resourcefulness and innovation.  Tina also shares the importance of believing in your potential and breaking down barriers.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Entry into the business world as a legal nurse consultant.
  • The importance of communication and planning.
  • Starting a business with limited resources and breaking down the process.
  • The importance of pursuing opportunities in a field that you love or at least like.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and resourcefulness of nurses.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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FF196: The Power of Writing a Book to Attract Clients with Kim Day

In this episode, Kim Day, author of Write and Grow Rich, joins us to talk about how to turn your intellectual property into a book that can help you boost your visibility, secure more speaking gigs, and generate leads for new clients. Kim shares the importance of knowing your customer to create clear messaging for marketing and how to repurpose your book for different media types.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Repurpose book content for blogs, programs, social media and videos.
  • Identify your ideal customer and understand their problem.
  • Message clarity is key to effective marketing.
  • Talking to everyone equates to talking to no one.
  • A book provides more visibility and credibility.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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Resources:   Grab a FREE copy of her “10 Step Guide to Plan and Write a Client Attracting Book”

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FF195: The Power of Lead Magnets and Summits with Heather Cameron

In this episode we welcome Heather Cameron, business coach and strategist. Heather shares tips on creating a compelling lead magnet and the importance of finding the right audience. She also shares the benefits of using summits to grow an email list and how to make it profitable.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The value of a targeted email list cannot be overstated.
  • The importance of finding people who are ready to buy your product or service.
  • Taking action is more important than learning about things.
  • Using summits to grow an email list.
  • Profitability is key in planning and executing a Summit.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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20 Lead Magnet Ideas that Convert Followers to Paying Clients  

Design Your Profitable List Build Event

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FF194: Unleash Your Superhero with Monica Henderson

In today’s podcast episode, we’re talking about embracing your differences and being the best version of yourself. Our guest, Monica Henderson, founder of Mink Life Motivation, shares her mission to help people be healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled in their self-designed lives. We also discuss the power of accepting help and not being too hard on ourselves. Remember, your perceived negatives can actually be your superpowers! So, let’s embrace our differences and turn them into strengths!

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Our negative qualities should be embraced and seen as superpowers.
  • A community that supports entrepreneurs with on-demand help, Real People Offering Real Help in Real Time.
  • Importance of unconditional cheerleading to show up in excellence.
  • People tend to show up smaller than others see them.
  • We hold ourselves to higher standards than we hold others.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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Learn more:  Mink Life Motivation

Resources:  Mink Life University

Connect with Monica:

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FF193: Self Mastery and Loving Yourself with Zack A Knight

Zack A Knight, of Be A Tactical Leader, focuses on leadership and service in his business. Zack joins us to share his story of trauma, healing and learning. He began his career as a metro-Atlanta police officer then infantry leader in the Army. Zack uses his experiences to help others know that they aren’t alone and can heal from their own traumas and become a stronger person who can look in the mirror and confidently say “I LOVE YOU”.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Making a shift … My mind is broken. I can fix it.
  • The tactics to create a leader.
  • The journey to self mastery first step is awareness. Look in the mirror.
  • I realized the only person that beat myself up enough to say you couldn’t do it was the guy looking in the mirror.
  • Get the awareness and challenge yourself to do the thing you think you can’t do because, guess what, you surely will.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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Learn more:   Be A Tactical Leader

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FF192: Increase Engagement for Growth with Robyn McTague

Robyn McTague joins us to discuss the importance of understanding relationships, psychology and communication styles in entrepreneurship. She emphasizes how tools like the Enneagram can improve decision-making, team functioning and business growth.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The biggest communication issue is looking at things from different perspectives and understanding other people’s points of view can help.
  • Having a deeper understanding of relationships in business can lead to exponential growth and business impact.
  • Building relationships and communication systems for better team functioning.
  • Conflict resolution through curiosity and understanding.
  • How Enneagram helps in understanding leadership styles, communication issues and different ways of dealing with pain and loss.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:  A Life of Choice  Robyn McTague

Resources:   ‘The Road Back To You’ An Enneagram Journey. Ian Morgan Cron

Quote:  ‘We can’t have a business that’s really heart-centred if we don’t build relationships’

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