FF115: The Golden Thread of Branding with Lesley Everett

In this episode, Lesley Everett shares her vast experience in personal branding and the personality of your brand. We chat about what it is that differentiates you from the crowd, the golden thread that runs through everything and how we make people feel to really drive how you build your brand.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Stand out in the crowd authentically in everything you do
  • Have people talk about you behind your back in a way that you need them to talk about you behind your back
  • What is the end result of what you give to people, to your clients? You buy the end result.
  • Bring people into understanding the difference they make to the corporate brand message
  • It’s how we make people feel which really drives how we build our brand

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   https://www.lesleyeverett.com  https://www.walkingtall.com

Read more:    ‘Corporate Brand Personality’  ‘Drop Dead Brilliant’  ‘Walking Tall’  by Lesley Everett

Resources:   Visibility Tips

Quote:  ‘We can’t easily see the label from inside the bottle’  Lesley Everett

   There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about’   Oscar Wilde

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FF114: Body Language And Deception Detection with Jonathan Choufany

In this episode, Jonathan Choufany shares his in-depth knowledge as a Body Language Master. We chat about how people can project more powerfully their skills of non-verbal communication and Deception Detection; the cues to notice when someone is lying.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Manage your own emotions to become the best version of yourself
  • 80 or 90% of our communication is nonverbal as our body language expresses our emotions
  • Understanding why the person is not telling the truth first and whether or not they are aware that they are lying or not
  • Some people lie just to be polite and not because they want to hurt or manipulate other people
  • Observing the body language code

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Event:   Body Language for Sales Mastery

Learn more:   humansdecoded.club

TEDx Speech

Career highlights YouTube

Quote:  ‘No Pressure. No Diamond’  Thomas Carlyle

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FF113: Write Your Book and Be The Authority with Kim Day

In this episode, Kim Day, of Write and Grow Rich, shares with us about overcoming the daily struggle of finding your next client and becoming an authority by writing and publishing a book. Get your book out of your head, into your hands and become the credible expert in your industry.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • One of the best things a book does is it opens doors to all of your other avenues for marketing
  • Published authors are perceived as expert speakers
  • Use your book to amplify your marketing results to really accelerate the growth of your business
  • Create the authority position in your business to have more income, influence and impact.
  • Get your book out of your head, out of your heart and into your hands

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:    ‘Write and Grow Rich’  Kimberley Day

Resources:   Join Kim’s Facebook 5 Day Become A Best-Selling Author Adventure and Grab a FREE copy of her “10 Step Guide to Planning and Writing a Best-Selling, Business Building Book”

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FF112: Social Media Storytelling with Blair Kaplan Venables

In this episode, Blair Kaplan Venables, social media rockstar, joins us again to share her take on what’s happening in the social media world. Blair encourages us to level up our social media skills and make sure we are telling our story.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Social media strategy is really the meat and potatoes of social media
  • Being known as a thought leader and the expert where clients come to you
  • Social media is one of the most important places to build up authority
  • Social media should be a place to share your stories
  • It’s ok to take a break from social media

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:   Pulsing Through My Veins: Raw And Real Stories From An    

Entrepreneur’ Blair Kaplan Venables 

Learn more:   http://www.blairkaplan.com    and her Podcast ‘Dissecting Success’

Resources:   Stress Free Social Media Checklists

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FF111: Rock Your Talk with Leisa Reid

In this episode, Leisa Reid joins us to share her expertise in speaking. She has successfully booked and delivered over 500 speaking gigs and gives us lots of ideas about ‘Rocking Your Talk.’

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Give the person in the audience a solution to their problem
  • Staking a claim for your talk is powerful
  • Authenticity trumps perfection and being aligned with who you are
  • Get clear on your monetization strategies
  • Speaker one sheets and building credibility

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:   ‘Get Speaking Gigs Now’

Learn more:   GetSpeakingGigsNow.com

Resources:   5 Top Tips To Get More Speaking Gigs

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FF110: Financial Fitness with Glory Gray

In this episode, Glory Gray shares about being a ‘Personal Trainer for Financial Fitness.’ Glory created an independent, client-centered investment advising practice for those who want their own personal advisor, not just another salesperson.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • With knowledge comes confidence
  • Establishing the goals you are trying to accomplish with your money
  • A great opportunity to consider as a career with only 23% of financial advisors in Canada being women
  • Building a business that works is about finding the best ways to serve clients, make raving fans and repeat
  • As entrepreneurs we naturally think about opportunities within challenges that other people don’t say

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   https://www.glorygray.com/

Resources:  Questions to ask when interviewing a financial advisor

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FF109: Successful Leadership with Sherri McManus & Lou Everett

In this episode, Sherri McManus and Lou Everett join me in a conversation about leadership starting with your passion and purpose, being a future thinker and that successful leadership is how you influence those you serve.


Highlights From This Episode:

  • Business starts with passion and purpose and your North Star
  • Finding new ways to engage your employees and have something they can sink their feet into
  • Being prepared for crisis
  • Leaders should ask ‘what’s next’ and be future thinkers
  • Invest in yourself so you can invest in those around you


Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:   Upcoming book ‘Empowerment Leadership’

Learn more:   https://loueverettgroup.com/

Resources:   Download your FREE Action Guide to help identify your Passion, Purpose, Why 


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FF108: Successful Follow Up After Networking with Sandy Zeiszler

In this episode, Sandy Zeiszler shares about following up after networking. We’re all encouraged to Save The Chat during a zoom networking event and it’s what we do afterwards that makes the difference for our business.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Save the Chat … then what?
  • Go deeper with relationships. People don’t usually buy on the first connection.
  • CRM (customer relationship management) platform and Leads Building
  • Using ‘Follow up Friday’ to connect with those you networked with during the week
  • Be a Connector instead of just a Collector of names

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   Moxzclicks

Resources:   5 Simple Steps: Successful Follow Up After Networking

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FF107: Build A Sales Process That Makes You Successful with Scott Wilson

In this episode, Scott Wilson shares about building sales structure and sales teams as a Fractional CFO who works for a company at a fraction of the cost. He also shares about the tools that save time and money in your sales process.


Highlights From This Episode:

  • Building structure for sales can be everything
  • Using a CRM as a gathering ground for all your customers and to retain intellectual property
  • Sales assessment immediately exposes the gaps
  • Mindset in sales is literally 80%
  • People will come back to value … good value sticks


Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   http://www.SalesXceleration.com


Resources:    How Mindful Are Businesses About Hiring & Rewarding Performance

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FF106: Reaching People Through Copywriting with Charlese Latham

In this episode, Charlese Latham shares her transition from hairdressing and her love of storytelling to become a copywriter. Reaching people effectively and getting them to continue to read is about making them feel like you spoke to them personally and they’re now part of your world.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Copywriting is about reaching other people
  • Follow a formula in copywriting that includes the ‘hook’
  • The importance of daily writing and using notes for days when you’re not in the headspace for writing
  • Two core tips for copywriting, contractions and the Rule of One
  • Listen regularly to comedy and whatever brings you joy so you can stay in the headspace of having fun

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   https://girlattheyellowdesk.com

Resources:   5 Welcome Email Templates

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