Hi ... Val Low here and I'm happy you stopped by. 

To be honest, I'm a little obsessed with all things entrepreneurial and finding ways to make our journey simpler and more impactful.

It is a pleasure for me to show entrepreneurs how to reach their GBG's™ [great big goals] and build a thriving business. And the best part is seeing them enjoy more time and freedom for what matters most.

With years of research and practical use in focus, productivity and business processes, I developed a methodology and programs that empower myself and my clients to live intentionally and accomplish those big things in life. 

Our Podcast, Focus & Freedom for Entrepreneurs, is where you will hear about focus, productivity and entrepreneurs doing interesting work and making an impact in their world.

'Working with Val has been an amazing experience. Val is not only a fabulous coach but her system is second to none. Val's coaching system has kept me and my business on the productivity track for as long as I have been on it. I feel accomplished and my clients are thrilled with the new me. If you are looking for a way out of the busyness of your business and to create space for growth with fulfillment along the way, call Val. Just call her.'                                                                                           ~Elena , Branding Expert

The Focus & Freedom™ Method takes entrepreneurs from unfocused and overwhelmed to focused, productive and enjoying a thriving business that allows you more time and freedom for what matters most in business and life. 

In the Magnify Your Brand™ program experts and entrepreneurs discover their brand archetype, clarify their message to attract their ideal client and create online workflow that allows their business to thrive.