FF209: The Power of Speaking and Nurturing Connections with Tami Jaffe

Tami Jaffe, a former CPA and finance professional, transitioned from the corporate world to become a successful coach and mentor. She now teaches others how to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Tami shows entrepreneurs the next steps in business growth, the importance of knowing your audience and the power of speaking engagements to connect with potential clients.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Identifying what is working, where your leads are coming from and exploring new sources of leads.

  • Speaking as a powerful way to connect with audiences.

  • The benefits of getting on podcasts as a starting point.

  • Nurturing connections beyond the speaking engagement.

  • The need for ongoing relationship building and continuously following up to foster growth.


Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:  ‘You Already Made the Decision, You Just Aren’t Happy With’ by Tami Jaffe

Learn more:  Tami Jaffe Website


More About Tami Jaffe

Tami Jaffe is a success coach, energy shifter and speaker on topics of making better decisions and business growth. Tami guides her clients through the sometimes-overwhelming prospect of starting and growing a new business. Her Amazon #1 best-selling book You Already Made the Decision, You Just Aren’t Happy With It, is a guide on how to make better decisions or live with the ones you’ve made.


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