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FF174: Create An Appealing Story with Shannon Peel

Shannon Peel has brought together all her skills, talents, and passions to create a brand storytelling platform under the MarketAPeel umbrella. She works closely with her clients to tell their stories to their audiences on various platforms.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Create an appealing story and an appealing brand.
  • Engage with your audience where they are.
  • Put people in their problem. Shine a light on the thing that they’re scared of.
  • Understanding which stories you tell.
  • Choose 5 key words you want to associate with your brand.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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Resources:   Creating MarketAPeel

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FF173: Self Mastery and Loving Yourself with Zack A Knight

Zack A Knight, of Be A Tactical Leader, focuses on leadership and service in his business. Zack joins us to share his story of trauma, healing and learning. He began his career as a metro-Atlanta police officer then infantry leader in the Army. Zack uses his experiences to help others know that they aren’t alone and can heal from their own traumas and become a stronger person who can look in the mirror and confidently say “I LOVE YOU”.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Making a shift … My mind is broken. I can fix it.
  • The tactics to create a leader.
  • The journey to self mastery first step is awareness. Look in the mirror.
  • I realized the only person that beat myself up enough to say you couldn’t do it was the guy looking in the mirror.
  • Get the awareness and challenge yourself to do the thing you think you can’t do because, guess what, you surely will.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:  Legacy of Love’ A Journey of Self-Mastery by Zack A Knight

Learn more:   Be A Tactical Leader

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FF172: Fun And Authenticity In Business with Rod Bourn

Rod is the founder and Lead Ninja of Down, Set, Lead and helps organizations grow their business and people through coaching, training and mentoring. Rod and I have a fun conversation about ‘Having Fun’ and ‘Being Authentic.’ People love authenticity and that’s what draws them to you.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • If you’re happy you’re going to be healthier, and if you’re healthier, you’re going to be happier
  • Rod will send you his new book (a gift) if you give him an answer that makes him laugh to his joke … ‘How many guys in kilts does it take to put in a light bulb?
  • You have to be intentional about making your life fun.
  • People love authenticity and are drawn to you. You make them feel more confident in themselves and you are more comfortable yourself.
  • We need that human connection and people telling us that we’re okay.
  • How often do the businesspeople say Thank you. I appreciate you coming in.

Rod challenged us, 3 times a day, for the rest of this week, make sure that you say, Thank you, I appreciate you, to whoever you sincerely want to thank and appreciate.

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:   ‘Down, Set, Lead’ by Rod Bourn

Learn more:   Down, Set, Lead website

Rod Bourn LinkedIn

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FF171: Marketing With Case Studies with Geoff Strauss

In this episode, Geoff Strauss shares his expertise in Case Studies, one of the most effective ways to market your business. You need to give people a reason to trust you and case studies provide that social proof.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Case studies are truly one of the most effective pieces for marketing for businesses
  • A case study is the story of your customers experience with your business
  • An excellent way to show Here’s the situation. Here’s the solution we provided. And here’s the results that our customer got.
  • You need to give people a reason to trust you and case studies provide that social proof piece
  • The framework of a case study follows the hero’s journey

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:   ‘Just Case Studies’ by Geoff Strauss

Learn more:   Just Case Studies website

Resources:  How To Use A Case Study

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FF170: Getting Customer Attention with Alexander Ford

In this episode, Alexander Ford, of Measurable Genius shares the importance of figuring out how to get your customers attention, keeping that attention and turning it into a customer and that a personal brand and business brand will be the trend that wins. People want to develop relationships with the people who they’re buying stuff from.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The magic box in your pocket … Google
  • The owner’s biggest number one challenge … figure out how to get your customers attention, keep that attention and turn it into a customer
  • Mistake number one would be to generically look at all social media as the same
  • Learn what entertainment means to your audience and produce a video that aligns with those goals
  • Personal brand and business branding on the back of good content marketing is gonna continue to be the trend that wins

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more: Measurable Genius

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FF169: Website Visitor Engagement with James Hipkin

James Hipkin joins us to share about the consumer website journey to solving their problem and how you can make your website more effective and create value that persuades them to connect with you.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The consumer gets to the website on a journey trying to solve a problem
  • The reality is most of their website traffic is getting there by referral
  • What you’re doing with the testimonial is providing reasons to believe you’re offering me a solution
  • Ninety percent of loyalty problems can be traced to a flawed sales process.
  • A really effective website creates value for the visitors to the website

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   Red 8 Interactive

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FF168: Untangle Your Tech with Avital Spivak

Avital Spivak, Tech Coach, shares with us how to untangle our tech. Avital warns that when you get a new tech tool know that you are marrying it and to think about it ahead of time and if it will play well with your other tools.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • When you get a new tool tech tool know that you’re marrying it
  • Think about the new tool ahead of time
  • Make sure it plays well with your other tools
  • Cover the four areas of technology with your tools: marketing, operations, sales and fulfillment
  • Ask yourself questions and take a look at your system as a whole

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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Resource:   Stop Struggling with Tech


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FF167: Being Intentional with Victoria Hepburn

Victoria Hepburn is a Remote Work Strategist and specializes in remote work productivity and career development. Victoria shares with us that when you set intentions on your actions, your actions change.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Focus on a triple bottom line
  • Set time at the top of your day for you and your success
  • Plan your routine, what are the three things that I need to do today before the world comes in
  • When the Mega bombers happen its critical for us to have a practice to center ourselves
  • Create transitions intentionally

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read more:   ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ by Victoria Hepburn

Learn more:  Victoria’s Website

Resources:  Free Book Unlock Productivity And Wellbeing At Work’

Entrepreneur Toolbox  Where you’ll find all our podcast guest gifts

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FF166: How Accommodating Others Affects You And your Business with Tessa Lynne Alburn

Tessa Lynne Alburn, business and life coach, joins us to share about the mistakes we make in accommodating others and rewriting our mindset issues that keep us playing small.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Showing up and owning your value
  • The mistake of accommodating others
  • A rewrite that women need to make in order to feel confident when setting boundaries
  • Standing in your power, in your knowing, in your heart
  • Create that connection with your true self and let her lead

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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Learn more:   Tessa Lynne Alburn Website

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FF165: Love Yo Life with Yo Elam

Yo Elam joins us with ‘Love Yo Life’ and ‘Be Yo Self Everyday.’ Yo is a Joy Ignitor and shares with us those 3 important questions to designing your life by yourself. Come listen in to be inspired by Yo’s laugh! It’s infectious.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Choose the way you feel about anything
  • ‘I had to realize that again the choices I made were my choices, and although they were choices that led me down that bad, the darkness, they still are my choices.’
  • Taking that journey to find out self discovery in order to get self recovered
  • Hear Yo’s favorite joke and her energizing and joy creating laugh
  • Your life designed by yourself and the 3 questions to ask yourself that create ‘Yo’ life

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Entrepreneur Toolbox  Where you’ll find all our podcast guest gifts

Learn more:   Love Yo LIfe

Resources:    37 Ways To Say Yes To U

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