FF184: The 1% Difference with Sabrina Victoria

Sabrina Victoria, CEO of Human Better 365, joins us to share about making big changes in our lives and how energy peaks and the best time to focus on your top 3 or 4 priorities works best to make those changes. She also talks about procrastination being a forever thing and that is okay.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • People think that in order to change you have to all of a sudden change everything in your life
  • If you are looking for massive success just do the 1% different than everybody else
  • Procrastination is a forever thing. If you say yes to one thing you are saying no to everything else in your life
  • Where is your energy? Morning, afternoon, evening? Where do you have your boost of energy?
  • Write down your 3 or 4 priorities that you need to be doing to move yourself forward in your businesses

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:    Sabrina Victoria

Resources:   Her Version Podcast

More About Sabrina Victoria

From a struggling single mom, to escaping a 13-year narcissistic abusive relationship, Sabrina’s tenacity and optimistic spirit has inspired fans worldwide and helped endless amounts of people break through and discover their own untapped talents and immense potential. Now, creator and CEO of Human Better 365, a human transformation company, creator of Sober Society, Her Nation Communities and host of her Version Podcast. Sabrina is dedicated to giving people the tools they need to RISE and human better. Speaker, entrepreneur and author.

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