FF180: Hacking The Facebook Algorithm with Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal joins us to share how we can hack the Facebook algorithms to get more leads. Jennifer believes that activating the content you already have is the key to your online success as well as having things that show up when people go searching for you.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Algorithms penalize you when you try to take traffic away from the platform
  • The Traffic Trifecta and getting the perfect traffic
  • Have things that are going to show up when people go search for you
  • When you combine organic SEO content with organic, social and paid, they all work together
  • Route everything to one boosted post and boost it for 5 bucks a week

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   Formula Done

More About Jennifer Neal

I’m Jennifer (Jenn) Neal – the CEO and Founder of Formula Done, creator of Content Activation, tech geek, marketing expert, wife, and Formula 1 racing fan all bunched up into one!

Over the last several years, I have developed, tested and successfully launched products in and around content repurposing using my own method called Content Activation.

I believe that activating content you already have is the key to your online success, using my perfect combination of free traffic through the Traffic Trifecta.

I currently reside in Boise, Idaho with my husband, dog and two cats and have an insatiable thirst for life. I’m an adventurer who loves to travel, certified scuba diver, car fanatic, animal lover, and HUGE Formula 1 racing fan.

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