FF54: Serving In The Trenches To Empower Success with Jimmy Ezzell

In this episode, Jimmy Ezzell shares how he did exceptionally well in corporate America yet knew there was something in him that wanted more. He found that missing piece when he became an entrepreneur. Jimmy shares what it takes to navigate during a crisis and leading people through it and being an ‘In The Trenches Leader.’

Highlights From This Episode:

  • How meeting people where they’re at can build an amazing culture and community and very loyal people
  • The 3 types of CEO’s and what it takes to lead in a crisis
  • The importance of building your business on principles regardless of what’s going on
  • A quick look into YEP, Young Entrepreneur Program
  • Going all in … Mentally

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Read More:Rich Dad Poor Dad

Learn More: TripValet Incentives- http://www.tripvaletincentives.com
The 5 Day YEP to Freedom Challenge: http://yeptofreedomchallenge.com/
Dr. John Maxwell
Compassion International

More About Jimmy Ezzell

Jimmy is the Co-Founder for YEP and Founder & CEO of TripValet (brands associated are TripValet Rewards, TripValet Incentives and Insurance Lead masters). He is a highly skilled, entrepreneurial minded leader with decades of experience in business and leadership development, marketing, and organizational growth. He has built organizations into the tens of thousands around the world. He loves serving in the trenches in the field to empower and enable their success.

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