Embracing the Uncomfortable Can Impact Your Business

Making changes in your business can be uncomfortable. You, most often, don’t like change. Yet change can be necessary to take you to the next level or next best direction.

Your mind is programmed to keep you safely in your comfort zone. Any time you move anywhere out of that realm your subconscious mind warns you ‘Danger, Danger, you’re stepping out of the realm, Get back, Get back.’

When you are aware that this will happen, you can tell your subconscious ‘Thank you for the warning, I’m going this direction anyway.’ Then you can move purposely in the direction of your choosing.

It’s an interesting concept that your subconscious is keeping you from the very thing you want to do. That’s why it’s so important to focus on what matters, what you really want in your business.

Over time the continued focus on your goals and vision will replace the old warnings and your subconscious will become your collaborator, not the 500 lb gorilla standing behind you, issuing warnings.

So, once you embrace ‘getting uncomfortable’ you open yourself to the changes you envision. You know there may be a battle against any change, yet you also know who is in charge! That big gorilla starts to lose stature, size and influence as you guide that chosen direction.

Someone once said, ‘It only takes 30 seconds of courage.’ If you face up to your fears and objections and listen to your inner voice of what really matters, what’s going to make a difference in your business, you become triumphant. 30 seconds is not much time in the grand scheme and mustering 30 seconds of courage is … well, courageous.

We spend so much time debating and building all kinds of reasons why it’s not a good idea to step out, to take action, to turn a different way; it can lead to weeks and months of this dialogue but with a dose of courage, in 30 seconds it could be accomplished.

What great things, changes, advances are you missing by not enacting ’30 seconds of courage?’ Isn’t becoming ‘uncomfortable’ for a brief moment in time worth the risk?