FF50: Celebrating Milestones and Our 50th Podcast Episode with Michelle Abraham

In this week’s podcast we celebrate our 50th episode with Michelle Abraham. Michelle and her team from Amplifyou originally set us up and got us started on the journey of podcasting. She was one of our first guests, so it only seemed appropriate to have her join me for this 50th episode. We have a fun conversation about taking time to celebrate our wins along the way to our milestones and the many benefits of podcasting for your business.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The importance of celebrating wins along the way to the milestones
  • The benefits of monetizing podcasting outside of the show
  • A look into the newly founded Canadian Podcast Network

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FF49: Grow Wealth With Your Own Cashflow with Peter Lount

In this episode Peter Lount shares all about creating your own wealth system. He challenges us to unlearn what we’ve come to think is ‘just the way it is,’ to control the banking function, and learn to grow your money and use it while it’s growing.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Control the banking function and maximizing your cashflow
  • The mind shift to unlearn that we think things are just the way they are
  • The ‘Backwards Bicycle’ and continually learning (or unlearning)
  • Being adaptable, pivoting and having passion for what you do
  • Using your money to create your own warehouse of wealth

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FF48: Your Digital Footprint with Vicki McLeod

In this episode Vicki McLeod shares her vast knowledge about digital life. This is a fun interview with Vicki and how we navigate through an online presence and still stay socially human. Vicki talks about vulnerabilities in the digital world and about leaving a digital legacy.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Crossing the digital divide and taking on the firehose of digital and social media marketing.
  • Security with smart devices and our vulnerability.
  • The importance of knowing and understanding your devices right now as we take a huge digital leap.
  • How our normal has been completely disrupted and the great opportunity to seek something new.
  • What we can do for our digital legacy planning and living on after we are gone.

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FF47: Change Your Mind Change Your Life with Adele Anderson

In this episode Adele Anderson shares her life changing story of surviving a plane crash and how that led her to a life of Natural Medicine. As a Life Coach, NLP Coach and Podcast Coach, Adele has made it her mission to teach others how to empower themselves and their choices. She also shares with us how changing your mind can change your life.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Discover how stop words keep us from moving forward
  • Our brain does exactly what we ask it to do … good or otherwise
  • How our language reveals our true feelings
  • Awareness is the key that can change our outcome
  • In times of stress, taking incremental movements can put us back in control

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FF44: Creating Healthy Habits for Success with Kevin Burciaga

In this episode, Kevin Burciaga shares how he changed his eating disorders into healthy habits and created a powerful system to help others overcome theirs, their faulty beliefs and not discounting today. Kevin talks about making small changes now to reap the benefits in the months ahead.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Change is messy and how a lot of small decisions over time lead to success
  • First step to take to break a habit and why some habits are not worth changing
  • The importance of stopping and pausing to save a lot more time
  • How discounting today and faulty beliefs keeps us from reaching our goals
  • What it takes to make changes … fast

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FF43: The Mindset to Survive and Thrive in Shifting Times with Bosco Anthony

In this episode, Bosco Anthony shares about adapting in shifting times and the importance of leaning into your tribe with meaningful connections.

He also talks about the mindset connection and living a life by design that is aligned with purpose.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Having a mindset that makes a connection
  • How to be open to change and the ‘Free Falling Moments’
  • Chasing your milestones and aligning with purpose
  • The shifts to make in challenging times
  • Focusing on self and the importance of reflection, analyzing self and reinventing

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FF42: Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Business? | Val Low

In this episode, Val talks about spring cleaning your business and how this is a good time to clean up, clear out and get your business ready for new to show up.

You’ll be encouraged to keep the momentum when undertaking this task as well as ideas for bringing more order into your business.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The importance of a clear space in which to work
  • How spring is a good time to clear out the old and be ready for the new
  • The one thing that keeps us motivated and staying in momentum
  • Giving yourself the gift of a clear desk
  • Steps and ideas for spring cleaning your office and business

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Val Low is a focus & efficiency mentor & coach to entrepreneurs to clear the business clutter and thrive. Through her Focus&Freedom Method and Planner many entrepreneurs have experienced more focus, time and freedom.

Val loves nothing better than showing entrepreneurs how to calm the overwhelm and distractions with focus and efficiency strategies and tools that enable them to have the freedom to do the things that matter most in their business and life.

Visit Val’s Website: https://vallow.me/
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FF41: Meaningful Alignment and What Makes You Happy in Your Work with Cal Misener

In this episode, Cal Misener speaks of Meaningful Alignment, finding happiness in the work you do. He shares how individuals and organizations can achieve alignment between what is important to them and the impact they want to make.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • How to discover what really does make you happy
  • Taking a look at your theme and the influence it has on your work
  • How doing simple things in your day can increase your happiness
  • The key actions to working with a virtual team to maintain communication
  • What to do for your team members when they are not engaged in their work

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FF40: The ‘I Am Resilient Project’ with Blair Kaplan Venables

Blair Kaplan Venables shares her expertise in Social Media Marketing and some tips about what to do during a time of change and uncertainty.

Blair also gives us a look into her ‘I Am Resilient Project’ and the community that shares their stories of overcoming life’s challenging moments.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • What Blair’s brick and mortar clients are doing during this time of change.
  • The steps you can take to continue the social media conversation or try something new in your business even with a busy home life.
  • Blair shares her story of life challenges … which is precluded with a caution of the sensitive issues of her story.
  • Learn about Blair’s ‘I Am Resilient Project’ and her community sharing life’s stories of overcoming most difficult moments.
  • Getting through times of challenge.

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FF39: Looking After Self In A Time Of Change | Val Low

In this episode, Val talks about the importance of taking care of self, especially in times of change. Self care can be the key to success personally and in business. When we take good care of ourselves, we can better serve those around us.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The importance of grieving our losses and moving on
  • Using exercise to increase a sense of well-being
  • Chaos dissolving activities for better health
  • When it’s time to pivot in your business
  • A time to reflect and strengthen family relationships

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