FF166: How Accommodating Others Affects You And your Business with Tessa Lynne Alburn

Tessa Lynne Alburn, business and life coach, joins us to share about the mistakes we make in accommodating others and rewriting our mindset issues that keep us playing small.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Showing up and owning your value
  • The mistake of accommodating others
  • A rewrite that women need to make in order to feel confident when setting boundaries
  • Standing in your power, in your knowing, in your heart
  • Create that connection with your true self and let her lead

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More About Tessa Lynne Alburn

Tessa is a business and life coach for women. Utilizing two decades of experience as a trainer and facilitator of live and virtual events, Tessa helps women entrepreneurs get over the six-figure mark in their business, by creating a plan that works for them and rewriting the mindset issues that have kept them playing small.

Her passion for life, culture and SCUBA adventures have taken her both abroad and to 38 US States. She’s fun, intuitive and compassionate.

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