FF148: Think Without The Box And Let Your Heart Lead with Doc V, Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc joins us to share about thinking without a box to be your own boss in mind‐body‐soul and business. DocV is “THE Pivot Maestro” and works with leaders to master the art of pivot, transformation and purposed entrepreneurship.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Shifting paradigms on its head. What is that mindset that’s keeping you from getting to that perspective or what has caused those limiting beliefs in your life.
  • Exercise and Flex that muscle to know how to pivot and how to connect the dots
  • Hold space for those that we’re serving and be able to give them our very best.
  • A stand up business in 90 days
  • People haven’t started to put that together just yet that community is huge and important and is going to be the new wave of the future.
  • We’re dealing with the whole person. Mind Body Soul and Business.

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Read more:  Love the Skin YOU’RE In: How to Conquer Life Through Divergent Thinking’ by DocV. Dr Virginia LeBlanc

Learn more:    DocV

More About DocV. Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc Biography Dr. Virginia LeBlanc (DocV) is a highly sought multi‐disciplinary expert and thought leader on the global scene across industries, mastering the art of the pivot and transformation through transition, earning her the nickname “THE Pivot Maestro.” Her work leading major change initiatives with Joint Forces commands at the Pentagon, Department of the Navy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Indiana University, and the National Pan‐Hellenic Council birthed her passion in personal wellness and creative life design, founding the heart‐ centered, socially conscious company, movement, and network Defining Paths (DP).

DocV’s mission as a Holistic Transformational Coach at DP is transition, specializing in retiring military transition from service, as well as women leaders from the workplace, into purposed entrepreneurship.   Building success from scratch is her forté. She is putting YOU back in business, transforming lives and online businesses from the inside out, guiding clients through next steps in facing fears, connecting the dots, and thinking without a box to be your own boss in mind‐body‐soul and business.

Dr. LeBlanc is the international bestselling author of Love the Skin YOU’RE In: How to Conquer Life Through Divergent Thinking, her autobiographical love‐letter to “Society” on socio‐cultural conditioning and how she overcame to define her path.   Learn more at https://linktr.ee/definingpaths.  

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