FF147: Freedom In Your Business Starts With Systems with Marquis Murray

In this episode, Marquis Murray from Ditto shares that in order to really have freedom in your business you need to set up the right systems. Creative entrepreneurs thrive in their zone of genius and when it comes to organization and systems it’s just really chaotic. The basis of good documentation doesn’t have to be complicated.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • There’s a place for everything and everything in its place
  • Start really simple in documenting your systems
  • Don’t overcomplicate the basis of good documentation
  • It’s a trap to think you’ll do your systems later
  • Find your systems tool, learn it really well and stick with it

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More About Marquis Murray

I’m Marquis, the CEO, and Founder of Ditto — a systems and processes consultancy for organizations who need help creating clarity around the work done inside their companies. Partnering with companies like Asana, HubSpot, PandaDoc, LogicGate, and Kanbanize allows us to offer some of the best in class solutions for our clients.

My journey began by building the necessary systems within my previous Marketing Agency, Media Crate. I found that the need to create order in the chaos was a common trend that I saw with my clients and this discovery helped me to realize my true passion (operations) and eventually led me into a career creating SOPs, process workflows, and automations to make work easier.

My goal is to eliminate team burnout for good so that teams can focus more on the work they do without the stress of not knowing where or how the work is happening.

I’m also an avid reader who loves digging into leadership and business books but can escape into a good John Grisham novel every now and then too. When I’m not optimizing workflows, you can find me either honing my skills in photography, kayaking, playing bass, or out for a walk with my family, getting to know more of the small town we call home.

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