FF106: Reaching People Through Copywriting with Charlese Latham

In this episode, Charlese Latham shares her transition from hairdressing and her love of storytelling to become a copywriter. Reaching people effectively and getting them to continue to read is about making them feel like you spoke to them personally and they’re now part of your world.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Copywriting is about reaching other people
  • Follow a formula in copywriting that includes the ‘hook’
  • The importance of daily writing and using notes for days when you’re not in the headspace for writing
  • Two core tips for copywriting, contractions and the Rule of One
  • Listen regularly to comedy and whatever brings you joy so you can stay in the headspace of having fun

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn more:   https://girlattheyellowdesk.com

Resources:   5 Welcome Email Templates

More About Charlese Latham

Hi, I’m Charlese. My business is:  Girl at the Yellow Desk and my story is:

I had been an entrepreneur in the beauty industry for 20 years. I built a hairstylist clientele more than once, opened and ran my own salon for 7 years and educated for companies in the hair industry, speaking on stages to other salons and luxury retailers.

An emergency back surgery in December 2018 changed everything. I retired from hair, sold my home and moved in with family to properly recover. In trying to find myself, I realized I can still be me… the friend who has the ability to listen to a woman and make her feel confident and beautiful, but this time using my business experience, so I became a Virtual Assistant.

My strengths are Copywriting and content creation for launches and I love to support female coaches by taking away their overwhelm during busy launch seasons.

Since I started my company in the summer of 2019, I’ve been published in Entrepreneur.com, and featured in Self Magazine, interviewed on dozens of podcasts, spoken on 3 summits, worked with multiple 6 and 7 figure clients, and now I am launching my first course on… how to launch without overwhelm!

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