FF100: Turn Your Hobby Into An Online Business with Steve Mastroianni

Celebrating episode 100 with Steve Mastroianni, one of our first podcast guests. Steve shares his transition from Rockstar to caregiver to building a multiple 6 figure online business. Steve has just released his second book, ‘Hobby Boss,’ Creating a profitable online business out of your favourite hobby.


Highlights From This Episode:

  • There’s no work life balance … it’s wholistic. Your work goes into your life and your life goes into your work
  • Writing ‘Hobby Boss’ with his thumb on his phone with a sleeping boy on his shoulder
  • Turning your expertise into an online business even by chipping away at it for 2 hrs a night
  • The 4 Pillars of Profit for a great foundation for your business to start making money
  • Shortcut your learning curve with a good system to follow and a good coach

Links & Resources From This Episode:


Read more:  Hobby Boss’ by Steve Mastroianni

‘Practice Less, Play More’ by Steve Mastroianni

Learn more:   Hobbybossbook.com

Resources:   Hobby Boss Vault – Over 500 Hobby Related Markets


More About Steve Mastroianni

Steve Mastroianni is based in Toronto, Canada, and has helped hundreds of people achieve their ideal outcome in a wide variety of fields, including music, multimedia, and business. 


A dedicated father, husband, author, coach, student, and philanthropist, Steve is an expert at simplifying complex topics, so his students are inspired to take action and get the results they want.


What is Hobby Boss?


Yes, you CAN make money from your hobby!

Have you ever wished you could make money doing what you love? Hobby Boss is a simple step-by-step system for creating a profitable online business out of your favourite hobby—by teaching that hobby to other enthusiasts!

Based on Steve Mastroianni’s own success in building a six-figure annual revenue with his hobby business, Hobby Boss walks you through Steve’s “Four Pillars of Profit” for creating and growing any online hobby enterprise. Use them to quickly create your first solution, your first sale, and your first customer success story.

By following the steps laid out in each chapter, you’ll have your own Hobby Business Plan filled out and ready to launch in twenty-four hours or less!


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