FF93: Happiness As The Gauge In Company Culture with David Bellamy

In this episode, David Bellamy, founder of the Happiness Lab, gives us a look into the tool he developed for companies to understand and improve their culture. The daily check-in tool gives employees an equal voice and companies an indicator of organisational health and employee wellbeing.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • A daily check-in tool for companies to build a rich picture of employee’s day-to-day- experiences
  • Happiness is the gauge not the goal
  • Technology that could monitor how people feel at work
  • Using happiness as a great metric that’s a missing KPI inside organizations
  • Fostering and cultivating the right conditions in which the culture grows

Links & Resources From This Episode:

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Learn more:   David Bellamy LinkedIn

Resources:   Happiness Lab

More About David Bellamy, The Happiness Guy

I am the founder and CEO of Happiness Lab.

Happiness Lab is a tool that we’ve been developing over the past few years to help companies understand and improve their cultures by building a rich picture of their people’s day-to-day experiences.

It turns out, in building Happiness Lab, we’ve managed to create a flexible tool that helps companies with a host of other things too.

Our daily check-in routine gives your employees a voice, whilst simultaneously building emotional awareness, resilience, community and relationships, and on top of that, it monitors the wellbeing of your employees alerting you to those showing signs of distress.

I am also a Director and Trustee of The Churn Project, a community-based charity supporting the most vulnerable and marginalised people of the Cirencester area. The Churn Project aims to reduce isolation and improve well-being for local people, particularly for those who are lonely, at a point of transition in their lives or experiencing mental health issues, supporting people through times of crisis.

Before Happiness Lab, I founded and led Stonepoint & Partners, a management consulting organisation specialising in leadership advice and strategy execution.

Previously, I served in key leadership roles at Huntswood and Capgemini’s Financial Services division.

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