FF23..How Expert VA’s Can Make A Huge Impact On Our Business with Kathy Goughenour

Kathy Goughenour proved the naysayers wrong when they told her she could never have a 6-figure business as a Virtual Assistant. Today she teaches others how to actually have that kind of business and has turned the Virtual Assistant world upside down.

Kathy shares how being an Expert VA can be a very rewarding career and the many benefits of working with VA’s on your team.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The freedom to do your work … even in your pajamas
  • How Kathy built a million-dollar business from a tiny house in the middle of the forest
  • Becoming a superhero of your own success
  • What it takes to become a Virtual Assistant
  • The many benefits of having a Virtual Assistant on your team

Links & Resources From This Episode:

Learn More: http://www.virtualexperttraining.com

Resources: https://expertvatraining.mykajabi.com/va-profit-power-workbook

More About Kathy Goughenour

After finding the courage to say “bye-bye” to her corporate marketing career, Kathy Goughenour built a 6-figure virtual assistant business from her tiny house in the middle of a forest. Today, she teaches professional women how to create their own work-at-home VA businesses so they can enjoy the freedom, flexibility and financial security they desire and deserve.

Kathy also offers VA Matchmaking sessions to business owners interested in working with Expert VAs® and Virtual Experts®. Kathy and her Expert VA® and Virtual Expert® Training program have been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, All You, and The Wealthy Freelancer.

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