Entrepreneur, Celebrate Your Wins … and Your Misses

As entrepreneurs we often place most of our focus on the preparation and execution of a task. Once we are in the thick of it, it’s hard to remember to take a step back and enjoy the wins … and acknowledge the misses of the execution.

It’s always a great time to celebrate your wins! You’ve successfully completed another step in a project or enrolled a new client and that is no small thing.

There are a number of good reasons to start celebrate your achievements and your misses – both big and small.

Treat everything as a learning experience

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was wrong.  We are never too old, or too smart, to learn something new.  And who better to learn from than yourself and the amazing people you have selected to be on your team?  Once an activity is complete, or a task isn’t going quite as you expected – celebrate.  Take a close look at what went well for you and use those tricks to help you complete future tasks.  And take a look at what isn’t working so that you can try new ideas to improve your productivity.

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Now, I’d like to take a moment here for us all to acknowledge how hard we can be on ourselves.  For some of us, it’s what has pushed us to be where we are today.  But those negative, critical thoughts are not always helpful, especially if we let them manifest and cause long-term stress.

Being optimistic can have a number of positive effects on us as entrepreneurs.  It can make you more productive, happier and a better team player!  A study lead by Dr. Lyumborisky in 2005 shows that the happiest people are those who owe their success, at least in part, to optimism and positive thinking.

It’s the Small Things That Count

Waiting until the completion of a big project to celebrate a success could leave you feeling flat and unmotivated as you slog to get there.  However, taking time to celebrate the small wins along the way will leave you with a greater feeling of accomplishment.  Take opportunities to mark the little wins along the way with your team to stay motivated until the end.

Take time to reflect on your successes, wins and short falls.  Use all that you have learned to help you plan even more success.  And treat yourself to a celebration of you, your business and all that you are. You are a Winner!