Is Your Business Drifting on the Sea of Sameness?

Competition is everywhere and the message is so similar for many businesses. How do you differentiate? How do you make your product and offers attractive to your audience?

Cirque du Soleil creators took the concept of 3 Ring Circus with animal and clown shows to a whole new level. They looked at what others were doing and created a show so unique that it is set apart from all the competition. By using themes and world class entertainers, Cirque has become a world-renowned experience.

What can you do to set yourself apart? If you asked your clients or customers about products and services that are important to them, what would they say?

Here are some strategies to positioning your business apart from all the others:

1.  Plot on a graph your competitions offerings; price point, various services, the experience they offer, their values. Examine how your company can differentiate from the competition and plot that direction on the same graph. A visual like this can be very enlightening.

2.  Clearly focus on that differentiation. Offering less products or services can actually bring more success. Pay attention to what your clients or customers are saying. Some simple changes can bring great results.

3.  Tell your story. A compelling story of how your business started and the value your company provides attracts others. Today’s marketing is all about building relationships and showing the personal side, a side where customers can relate.

Instead of drifting along, maneuver your business in a direction that sets you apart. Bring your uniqueness and valuable services to an audience that is looking more for the experience and value you offer. In doing so, you will set your business apart from the sameness that surrounds you.